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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What are message files in Apps ?

Ever wondered what actually happens when a DBA does Generate Message files through adadmin ? What exactly are message files ?

When you chose the option Generate message files in adadmin, it invokes Message Dictionary Generator program (FNDMDGEN) and generates language.msb files in Product_top/mesg directory.

FNDMDGEN apps/appspword 0 Y language application_short_name DB_TO_RUNTIME
For example:
where Language=US and Application Short Name=PER
The FNDMDGEN program will generate a message file named Language.msb in place it in the custom applications basepath mesg directory.

For custom programs, Message Dictionary lets you catalog messages for display from your application without hard coding them into your forms and programs.

Using Message Dictionary, you can:

  • Define standard messages you can use in all your applications
  • Provide a consistent look and feel for messages within and across all your applications
  • Define flexible messages that can include context–sensitive variable text
  • Change or translate the text of your messages without regenerating or recompiling your application code.
What DBAs do from backend through adadmin - Generate Message Files, can be done through
the front end by:

Responsibility: System Administrator
Submit the concurrent process : Generate Messages


Meera said...

Hi Vikram,
We have a multi node environment. Even after running generate message program we are seeing for few users that the message is not coming properly.
Any idea what could be the reason?

Vikram Das said...

Hi Meera,

Please give some more details about the issue you are facing. Like what is the exepcted message and what is the message that is appearing. Are these custom messages or standard messages ?

- Vikram