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Friday, October 5, 2007

Solaris Signals

Signal NameSignal NumberSignal Description
SIGHUP1Hangs up
SIGILL4Illegal instruction
SIGTRAP5Trace trap
SIGABRT6Used by abort
SIGEMT7EMT instruction
SIGFPE8Floating-point exception
SIGKILL9Kill (cannot be caught or ignored)
SIGBUS10Bus error
SIGSEGV11Segmentation violation
SIGSYS12Bad argument to system call
SIGPIPE13Writes on a pipe with no one to read it
SIGALRM14Alarm clock
SIGTERM15Software termination
SIGUSR116User-defined signal 1
SIGUSR217User-defined signal 2
SIGCHLD18Child status change alias (POSIX)
SIGPWR19Power-fail restart
SIGWINCH20Window size change
SIGURG21Urgent socket condition
SIGPOLL /SIGIO22Pollable event occurred or Socket I/O possible
SIGSTOP23Stop (cannot be caught or ignored)
SIGTSTP24User stop requested from TTY
SIGCONT25Stopped process has been continued
SIGTTIN26Background TTY read attempted
SIGTTOU27Background TTY write attempted
SIGVTALRM28Virtual timer expired
SIGPROF29Profiling timer expired
SIGXCPU30Exceeded CPU limit
SIGXFSZ31Exceeded file size limit
SIGWAITING32Process' LWPs are blocked
SIGLWP33Special signal used by thread library
SIGFREEZE34Special signal used by CPR
SIGTHAW35Special signal used by CPR
SIGCANCEL36Thread cancellation signal used by libthread
SIGLOST37Resource lost
SIGRTMIN38Highest priority real-time signal
SIGRTMAX45Lowest priority real-time signal

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