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Thursday, October 11, 2007

iStore: Mystery of the missing items

Today, I was told about a problem which seemed so basic that I thought it must be a known bug already. In iStore module, items newly added are not visible in price list until we bounce Apache. Strangely this happens only in extranet nodes, intranet nodes show the newly added items. As per point 1 given below, it is expected behavior. But if it is expected behavior, then the behavior of iStore should be same in both extranet and intranet nodes.

Metalink Note 397816.1 describes list Of iStore Operations That Require/Does Not Require Bouncing of Apache:

1. Adding new items to the Price list and onto store and get them reflected in store.
Bouncing Required : Yes ( In Some Exception case, does not require bounce )

2. Existing item in Price list and store, but effective date in price list changed. I.e. end date changed etc.
Bouncing Required : Yes ( In Some Exception case, does not require bounce )

3. Adding available items to the Section/Store.
Bouncing Required : No

4. Ensuring items to be available to Admin UI so that they can be assigned to a store.
Bouncing Required : Yes

5. New section is added to a store.
Bouncing Required : No

6. Payment method in store is updated. For instance invoice is not checked and later checked.
Bouncing Required : No

7. Store Exclusion/Inclusion is updated. I.e. A section being included in the Store scenario,
the already selected store is excluded/ any addition store is assigned.
Bouncing Required : No

8. Display template is updated. For instance Product multi select is changed with any other templates.
Bouncing Required : No

9. Item changes in Published or Orderable on Web flags.
Bouncing Required : YES

Still exploring this one. Will update as I learn more.

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