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Friday, October 12, 2007

Interesting article about Oracle product versions

I came across an article in titled Understand Oracle versioning: 8i through 11i.10 by Carol Francum, CIO for Ashford Systems Group. Here's an excerpt:


Listening in to a conversation between Oracle users can be very confusing:

Imagine stepping into the break room and you hear Phil and Bill say, "We're looking at migrating to 11i, we're on 10.7 using 8.1.4."

On the way to your office, you hear Sarah tell HR, "Well, we need someone who's experienced in 11.5.9."

You heard the IT department is developing a Portal. When you ask your pal for more information he says: "Well, we want to compare Websphere to Oracle Application Server."

And, in a meeting with the sales and marketing staff: "Agreed. We need to implement CRM. Bill, will you look into how that works with the Financials?"


They're all talking about Oracle, but they're referring to different aspects of Oracle products. Let's see if we can clear it up, at least a little.


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