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Friday, October 12, 2007

Oracle Acquisitions

50 Acquisitions till date.  Primary information is from wikipedia's Oracle Corporation page.

Company  ↓Date  ↓Industry  ↓Valuation
millions USD  ↓
Thinking Machines CorporationJune 1999Darwin, Datamining technologyN/A
ToplinkJanuary 2002Object relation mapping technologyN/A
NetForceJanuary 2002Adverse Event Reporting SystemN/A
SteltorJune 2002Enterprise calendaring systemN/A
PhaosMay 2004Identity ManagementN/A
CollaxaJune 2004Business Process ManagementN/A
PeopleSoftJanuary 2005Enterprise Software$10,300
OblixMarch 2005Identity ManagementN/A
RetekApril 2005Retail Industry Solutions$630
TripleHopJune 2005Context-sensitive Enterprise SearchN/A
TimesTenJune 2005Real-time Enterprise SolutionsN/A
ProfitLogicJuly 2005Retail Industry SolutionsN/A
Context MediaJuly 2005Enterprise Content IntegrationN/A
i-flex (Oracle Financial Services)August 2005Banking Industry Solutions$900
G-LogSeptember 2005Transportation Management SolutionsN/A
InnobaseOctober 2005Discrete Transactional Open Source Database TechnologyN/A
Thor TechnologiesNovember 2005Enterprise-wide User Provisioning Solutions.N/A
OctetStringNovember 2005Virtual Directory SolutionsN/A
TemposoftDecember 2005Workforce Management ApplicationsN/A
360CommerceJanuary 2006Retail Industry SolutionsN/A
Siebel SystemsJanuary 2006Customer Relationship Management Solutions$5,850
SleepycatFebruary 2006Open Source Database Software for Embedded ApplicationsN/A
HotSipFebruary 2006Communications Infrastructure SolutionsN/A
Portal SoftwareApril 2006Communications Industry Software Suite$220
Net4CallApril 2006Communications Industry Service Delivery PlatformN/A
DemantraJune 2006Demand-driven Planning SolutionsN/A
Telephony@WorkJune 2006IP-based Contact Center TechnologyN/A
Sigma DynamicsAugust 2006Real-time Predictive Analytics SoftwareN/A
SunopsisOctober 2006Enterprise Integration SoftwareN/A
MetaSolv SoftwareOctober 2006Communications Service Providers Solutions$219
StellentNovember 2006Content Management Solutions$440
SPL WorldGroupNovember 3, 2006Revenue and Operations Management SoftwareN/A
Hyperion SolutionsMarch 1, 2007Enterprise Performance Management$3,300
(intellectual assets only)
April 2007Cross-platform handheld developmentN/A
Agile Software CorporationMay 15, 2007Product Life Cycle Management Software$495
BharosaJuly 18, 2007Identify Theft$49.5
NetSure Telecom Ltd.September 2, 2007Network intelligence and optimization softwareUndisclosed
BridgestreamSeptember 5, 2007Enterprise Role ManagementN/A
LogicalAppsOctober 9, 2007Compliance softwareN/A
MoniforceDecember 6, 2007End-user experience management softwareN/A
BEA SystemsJanuary 16, 2008Middleware software Company$8,500
CaptovationJanuary 16, 2008Document capture softwareN/A
Empirix (Web)March 27, 2008Web application testing softwareN/A
LODESTAR CorporationApril 24, 2007Utility software solutionsN/A
AdminServerMay 13, 2008Insurance policy administration softwareN/A
Skywire SoftwareJune 23, 2008Insurance softwareN/A
Global Knowledge SoftwareJuly 31, 2008Technical Writing/Training Authoring softwareN/A
ClearAppSeptember 2, 2008Application management solutions for composite applications softwareN/A
Primavera SystemsOctober 9, 2008Project Portfolio Management solutions softwareN/A
Haley LimitedOctober 29, 2008Policy modeling and automation softwareN/A


Nigel said...

Don't forget the Oracle OLAP functionality - which started life as Express (bought in 1995 iirc).

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm just wondering if you meant Oracle paid 49.5 million for Bharosa instead of what's written which is 495 million. Can you please confirm? Thanks.

Vikram said...

Does seem like a copy paste error as the entry above Bharosa is Agile for which it is $ 495 million. You could be right. I have mailed Oracle Acquisitions inquiries to find out. I doubt they will answer with figures. However we can make some educated guesses. Since Bharosa was founded in 2003, it is not likely that their share values could have reached $100 million or above. I don't have Bharosa's turnover numbers also. Possibly your figure of 49.5 million is correct. Where did you get this number ? As there is a doubt on this etnry I am marking it N/A for now.

Vikram said...

Hi Nigel,

If I recall correctly, in 1995 Oracle acquired the Express OLAP engine only and didn't acquire the maker Information Resources Inc. My list includes only those acquisitions where the whole company has been bought by Oracle. Thank you for the mention though, it does fall under acquisitions strategy of Oracle which started much before the first acquisition mentioned in my list.

- Vikram

Vikram said...

Finally got some numbers from

CEO Fisher says the 50-employee company, which has racked up $2 million in funding, has been profitable for a year. "We're south of $20 million in annual revenue, but certainly north of $5 million," he adds.

Our anonymous source thinks that even if Bharosa gets bought, it is not likely to involve mega-bucks: "It would be a modest valuation –- if they get taken out for $30 million, they would be dancing in the halls."

So it does look like Oracle offered something in $30 - $50 million range instead of $495 million.

- Vikram

Atul Kumar said...

Nice figures :)