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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Increase the display width of fields displayed in mobile devices

When you connect to mobile server through telnet from your PC or through an RF terminal or a mobile device, sometimes the data is not completely visible because the width of display fields can not contain the data. Metalink Note 266976.1: How To Expand Fields Displayed On The Radio Frequency (RF) Terminal / MSCA / Mobile provides a workaround and a solution:

You observe the display on the Mobile User Interface (UI) terminal only uses half of the screen. You have a 20-digit part number and only 10 characters are displayed on the screen.
A quick work around can be utilized by doing the following:

1. Using Ctrl-A on a particular field, you can see the complete information.
2. You can then scroll to the right and see the complete data.

A more permanent fix would be to give a larger proportion of the screen width to the field value than the field prompt. By default, the ratio is 1:1, meaning half of the screen width will be set aside for field prompt and the remaining half for the field value.

This can be customized by changing the device configuration file (mwa/11.5.0/secure/default_key.ini). In the device configuration file, there is a property called PROMPT_RATIO. For example, if you like 1/3 of width for the prompt and 2/3 for the value, then you can set the PROMPT_RATIO property to 1:2. For 1/4 of width for prompt and 3/4 for value, set it to 1:3.

Use the following settings in $MWA_TOP/secure/default_key.ini file to increase the default width:



Spyros Valsamos (Oracle Greece) said...

Is it possible to wrap lines in a MSCA application ? We are using Intermec RFs and we have configured default_Key.ini file.

Yavuz said...

Thanks for informations. i want to learn if i increase the width of item field in msca gui

Yavuz said...

Thanks for informations. i want to learn if i increase the width of item field in msca gui