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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oracle RDBMS patchset expected to be released in Q4 2007

Oracle RDBMS patchset is expected to be released in Q4 2007. Only two months to go before Q4 2007 comes to an end.

Refer Metalink Note 401436.1 to find out what bug fixes are being included in


amihay gonen said...

Hi , are you sure regrading the release date ? because from internal talks i've made with oracle support .They hint that there may be a delay to First Q of 2008 ?

Vikram said...

Hi Amihay,

I got this date from page 4 of Integrigy's version support matrix document available at

However the document says: = Assumed to be released early 4th Quarter 2007.

So it is very much possible that is actually releasing in Q1 2008 or later.

- Vikram

Anonymous said...

Oracle.wanted to be released in time for OpenWorld in line with OEM (the 2 try to release in tandem) but it was introducing problems, plus there was a P1 bug they wanted to resolve in 4, so they had to delay.

Should be done by early Dec (they're trying to get it out the way before Xmas - but the philosophy is 'first do no harm').

Delay is annoying, but we should be better for it in the end.