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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Files in which OTM stores IP address and port

During the recent upgrade of OTM v6.1.0 to OTM v6.2.1, I discovered that OTM stores IP address of its servers in the following files:


For Apache and Weblogic services, OTM listens on virtual IP of the instance, so there is no port conflict as the Virtual_IP:Port remains unique.

However, the Tomcat component listens on localhost on port 8007 by default. So if you have two OTM instances share the same physical box as application tier, you need to change the default port of 8007 to some other port which is available. This change is made in $GLOG_HOME/tomcat/conf/server.xml.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DBUA unable to recognize oracle user as unix owner when unix uid is 9 digits

While upgrading an Oracle instance from to, through DBUA I discovered a bug. If the unix uid of the oracle user is 9 digit, DBUA refuses to recognize oracle as the unix owner of the software. This issue doesn't occur with older oracle ids which were 5 digit. We got a similar issue in past with runInstaller for which an SR was logged and Oracle opened bug 10205927. For the current issue with DBUA, I have logged a new SR

Till this bug is fixed by Oracle, DBUA will fail for any instance whose oracle user has unix uid of 9 digit. All upgrades to on such instances will have to use the manual upgrade process.

I'll update this post with more details, after Oracle responds on the SR.