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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 2007 CPU note 455294.1 Section 2 link on 11i patches points to July 2007 CPU note

October 2007 CPU patchlist is finally out. They always publish it in the evening of the pre-announced date. So it was during the evening of Oct 16, 2007 when it was released. The metalink note for E-Business Suite patches is 455294.1. I assume that they must be creating each CPU note by a copy paste from previous quarter's CPU note. Notice how the font is different between Section 1 (Arial 12) and Section 2, 3 and 4(Times New Roman 12):

Critical Patch Update Note

Releases 11i and 12

Released: October 16, 2007

Last updated: October 16, 2007

This document includes the following sections:

If you click on Section 2, 3 or 4, it will take you to Note 423882.1 which is the note for July 2007 CPU for E-Business Suite. I realized this when I was reading the note by clicking on Section 2, and I thought strange all the patches are same in July 2007 and Oct 2007. Then I rechecked and found that I was directed to July 2007 CPU note. This is laughable. If you do not use the links in the document and scroll down manually you'll find the correct patches in the note 455294.1, but if you use the hyperlinks, you'll be on the wrong note.

Oracle should correct this. I hope they don't expect someone to open an SR and tell them. :)


Arunkumar said...

hey looks like this is fixed :)
Oracle heard you :P

Vikram said...

I checked. Its fixed now. Flattering to think Oracle heard me. Most probably someone logged a documentation bug to get this fixed.

- Vikram