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Thursday, July 19, 2007

WARNING: oradism not setup correctly in alert log

When we increased the sga_max_size to 4096G in our instance, which came to a standstill because the value was 600M only, the following warning appeared in the database alert log file:

WARNING: -------------------------------
WARNING: oradism not set up correctly.
Dynamic ISM can not be locked. Please
setup oradism, or unset sga_max_size.
[diagnostic 0, 16, 64882]

Metalink note 374367.1 describes the issue and provides the solution:

The real problem was with the oradism executable itself.

The oradism executable cannot have 755 permissions, and owned by root or oracle
(rwx-r-x-r-x)like the other executables have in this directory

The permissions for oradism must be 4550 with the setid for the group.
(-r-sr-s--- 1 root dba 12912 Feb 16 2005 oradism)

(Solaris8 64-bit / oracle v9.2.0.4)

1- cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin

2- chmod 4550 oradism
3- chmod g+s oradism
4- chown root:dba oradism
5- Bounce the database

The oradism warning does not appear in the alert log after the permissions were changed.

1 comment:

jean-luc le poupon said...

Dear Vikram,
Is Oradism used on Redhat 5.7 or Redhat 6.4, AIX 6.1, AIX 7.1 ?

I saw something in the doc id 1074905.1 indicating that an issue occurs when the file system is mounted with the nosuid option and I would like to know if applicable on AIX.