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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sabrix doesn't generate invoices with tax

I was dragged into a Sabrix issue today for which the DBAs had already consulted me in the morning, without giving sufficient details about the issue. The DBAs said that Sabrix team was complaining about JVM errors. I told them that no Sabrix JVM exists in E-Business Suite. Sabrix JVM is present on the Sabrix Application Server which is installed in a different physical server. In the evening, I was again contacted and given this error:

Auto Invoice Request Id 467832

Transaction Flexfield: PROJECTS INVOICES: 102992.2.381591-C.7560 CONTROLS/NUMAC.Duncan, Michael George. 1.Line

Type Bill to Customer Name Item Description Currency Amount
-------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------- -----------------
Invoice EXAMPLE VENDOR Example items Procured USD 5000.00

Errors: 1) Sabrix Error: [Servlet];Sev[2];Msg: [Invalid file format: expected INVOICE start tag in XML.]
2) Unable to find a default tax code for this transaction.

They engaged Sergei Nikonorov of Sabrix Inc. After asking the application support team to fire various queries, he concluded that the issue was with temp tables in Sabrix schema. After truncating these temporary tables, the issue was solved. Sergei advised us to have these tables truncated every week.

truncate table sabrix_log;
truncate table TMP_SABRIX_LINE;
truncate table TMP_SABRIX_INVOICE;
truncate table TMP_SABRIX_INVOICE_TAX;
truncate table TMP_SABRIX_LINE_TAX;
truncate table TMP_SABRIX_MESSAGE;
truncate table TMP_SABRIX_LINE_OUT;
truncate table TMP_SABRIX_INVOICE_OUT;

After doing the above, AutoInvoice ran successfully.

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The Professional said...

Hi Vikram,

I ran into a Sabrix issue and in reading your post. Wondering if you can share some light on the issue.

Received the following error message for 4 invoices:

Fatal Sabrix Error: Category [ADAPTER], Code [CALC_STATUS], Severity [2], Msg: CALC=false: in processing response Failure, post request Response Code: 500