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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Testgroup is secured and requires execution privileges

Oracle Diagnostics 2.5 has introduced a new security model. Because of this you can not execute all tests now. Details are given in Metalink note 409141.1. Here's a cut paste of the relevant detais from the note:

I can’t execute tests; Tests have lock icon and when selected gives 'Testgroup is secured and requires execution privileges'
    Ask System Administrator to grant required roles to the responsibilities of the user.
How to provide user access to a test?
    To be able to access a test, the user’s responsibility should have proper role granted depending on the sensitivity of the test.
    Roles are granted to users through responsibilities:
      Responsibilities are assigned to users
      Roles are granted to responsibilities
    Navigate to
    Configuration > Security > Select the appropriate diagnostics role
    This will take you to the ‘Role Responsibility Assignment’ page through which you can grant the selected role to various responsibilities.
How to decide what role should be granted to which responsibilities?
Super User Role:
Has unrestricted privileges to execute, configure, view reports and setup security for all groups and all applications.
Grant this role to the most privileged responsibilities (like System Administration) across all applications. This role should NOT be commonly granted.
By default, this role has been granted to ‘System Administrator’ and ‘CRM HTML Administration’ responsibilities.
Application Super User:
Has unrestricted privileges to execute, configure, view reports for the application associated with his responsibility. Grant this role to the most privileged responsibilities (like super user) for an application.
End User:
Has restricted privileges (execute, view reports). Grant this role to regular application responsibilities that need to access diagnostics for running tests. By default this role is granted to ‘Oracle Diagnostics Tool’ responsibility.


Vikram said...

Thanks for this article. I searched metalink but didnt received any support, rather your article cleared the error and I was able to get the result immediately.


Anonymous said...

Which responsibility has the menu "Configuration > Security" ? Can roles be granted through the applications or do you need DBA-type tools?

Vikram Das said...

Hi Anonymous,

You can reach the Configuration tab by the direct URL:

or by System Administration responsibility > Diagnostics > Configuration tab

- Vikram