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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Forms sessions do not lauch after TXK patch or ATG_PF.H RUP4

After applying a TXK rollup patch or ATG rollup patch which introduces new functionality in the techstack, forms didn't launch from self service. Here's the navigation:

1. Login to Apps
2. Click on System Administrator
3. Click on Concurrent Manager -> Administer

Nothing happens. The status bar reads Done.

This is a known issue and you should comment these two lines in the autoconfig security.conf template file: $FND_TOP/admin/template/security_ux_ias1022.conf :

Comment out these two lines (which are at the last two uncommented lines) by putting a hash in front of each line:

# SecFilterSelective "REQUEST_URI" !^/pls/[-a-z0-9_]+/!?[a-z](([a-z0-9_\$#]){0,29})(\.[a-z](([a-z0-9_\$#]){0,29})){0,2}(\?.*){0,1}$

# SecFilterSelective "ARGS_NAMES" !^(([a-z0-9_]){1,30})((\.[a-z0-9_]{1,30}){0,1})$

By commenting the template, you ensure that security.conf file is generated with the comments and you don't have to manually edit security.conf everytime you run autoconfig.
Run autoconfig.

This would fix the issue.

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