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Thursday, July 19, 2007

adpatch options=nocompilejsp

When you use adpatch options=nocompilejsp, the lengthy time spent in compiling out of date jsps is saved. The command to compile jsps outside of adpatch is:

perl -x $JTF_TOP/admin/scripts/ --compile

Here's how the output of the above command looks like:

starting...(compiling delta)
using 8i internal ojsp ver:
including compatibility flag -whiteSpaceBetweenScriptlet
synchronizing dependency file:
loading deplist...15409
enumerating jsps...15409
updating dependency...0
initializing compilation:
eliminating children...12318 (-3091)
searching uncompiled...8677
translating and compiling:
searching untranslated...0
compiling jsps... 12% complete: 1100/8677 ETA: 14m7s

Do not use --quite option, as you would not be able to know the progress.

Complete syntax is:

syntax: $JTF_TOP/admin/scripts/ COMMAND {ARGS}
COMMAND --compile update dependency, compile delta
--create rebuild entire dependency file
-delta.out update dependency, list delta to file
-dep.out update dependency, output heirarchy to file

ARGS -s matching condition for JSPs filenames
-p number of parallel compilations
-log to override logfile from ojspCompile.conf
You are
recommended to set the log file location
outside of any network file system shared (NFS) area/drive.
-conf to override ojspCompile.conf
--retry retry previously failed compilation attempts
--flush forces recompilation of all parent JSPs
--quiet do not provide an actively running progress meter
--fast instantly fail jsps that are *possibly* invalid

example1: --compile -s 'jtf%' -p 20 --retry
example2: --compile -s 'jtflogin.jsp,jtfavald.jsp' --flush
example3: --compile --fast --quiet

jsps do compile on the fly, but that affects the application performance. So it is a good idea to compile them in advance, if you have not done it during adpatch itself.


sadiq said...

Dear Vikram,
Do we need to bring down services if we want to compile all jsp's on webtier, or we can do it witout any downtime. Is clearing $COMMON_TOP/_pages necessary.


Vikram Das said...

Hi Sadiq,

You can compile the jsps without any downtime. However they will not be effective until you clear $COMMON_TOP/_pages and bounce Apache.

- Vikram