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Friday, July 27, 2007

Oracle Database 11g new features

I recently did a session on Oracle 11g database new features for my company. The material for the session was collected from Oracle white papers on 11g, and 11g presentations of Rich Niemic, Penny Avril and Marc Townsend. Here's what I covered:

Glimpses of the new features
Rapid Application Testing
SQL Performance Analyzer
Online Application Upgrade
Online Patching of one-off patches
Faster Performance
Result Cache
Automatic Memory Management - MEMORY_TARGET
Invisible Index
The Virtual Column
Automatic SQL tuning
SQL Access Advisor
Sequences in PL/SQL
Enhanced SQL - PIVOT keyword
Read Only tables
Automatic Diagnostic Repository
Fast Files
Total Recall
Data Compression
Multimedia & Spatial Enhancements
RMAN enhancements.

In future posts, I'll cover these topics in detail.

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