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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Segmentation fault and coredump on Tru64 Unix

I was contacted for investigating segmentation fault and coredump on Tru64 Unix which was being caused by a Pro*C program. Since I did not have direct access to the instance, the user who had the access did a screen share. I asked him to do a truss on the process id of the Pro*C program.

Truss is available in tru64 if you have the extended system V software install that you get from your associated products disk. When loaded it is
in /usr/opt/svr4/usr/bin.

But /usr/opt/svr4/usr/bin/truss gave command not found error.

At this time, the user told me that the program is doing a segmentation and coredump when certain type of data is keyed in and they have zeroed in on it. I suggested that they build validation in their code to disallow entry of such data.

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