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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Seven tiers of disaster recovery

Wikipedia has a great article on seven tiers of disaster recovery. They copied portions of this definition with permission from

Tier 0: No off-site data – Possibly no recovery
Tier 1: Data backup with no hot site
Tier 2: Data backup with a hot site
Tier 3: Electronic vaulting
Tier 4: Point-in-time copies
Tier 5: Transaction integrity
Tier 6: Zero or near-Zero data loss
Tier 7: Highly automated, business integrated solution

These tiers were proposed by Share Inc to help identify the various methods of recovering mission-critical computer systems as required to support business continuity.

Liebert Corporation lists 4 tiers of protection

Your Tiers of Protection


Anonymous said...

I have seen DR Recovery tiers defined from Tier 0 (most critical, no downtime) to Tier 5 (non-critical, defereable). The seven tiers describe it in the opposite order. Which is more prevalent?

Vikram Das said...

It differs from organization to organization. At one of our clients, Tier 1 is most critical.

- Vikram