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Friday, August 3, 2007

Apps 11i Server sizing recommendations

This is from a presentation by John Stouffer of Solutionbeacon.

• Disk Space
- 25GB for the software and database
- 10GB for the software staging areas
- 10-25GB for patches, log/out files,archives, disk backups, temporary files, etc.
- RAID is necessary
• Typical ERP Server Configuration
- Combined Single Server
– 4CPU, 4GB RAM (Scalable)
– 50 GB disk effective

• Oracle minimum – 8MB/user
• Real World Recommendation
- 15MB for every active user
- 15MB for concurrent manager workers
- 20MB for database background processes
- 500MB SGA (pinning packages/sequences)

• Oracle minimum – 70 users/CPU
• Real World Recommendation
- 15 Active Users/CPU (super users)
- 50 Logged Users/CPU
- 1 CPU Dedicated – Database and Application Processes (DB, Forms, Apache, Concurrent


vasu said...

Thanks, Ithis will help us in doing server sizing, But CPU means Quad core single CPU or "single core"

Vikram Das said...

This sizing was recommended by Oracle in the days when we just had single core CPUs. You can interpret this as a core instead of one whole CPU in today's world of multi-core CPUs.

- Vikram

Anonymous said...

Hello. This is Manoj.

I would like to know whether Oracle Apps 11i can be installed on a laptop with atom processor and is 1GB RAM sufficient to use Oracle apps.

Kindly let me know. Thank you. :)