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Monday, August 27, 2007

Relink error while installing Oracle Database on Solaris 8

While installing 64-bit through runInstaller, I get the following errors on Solaris 8:

INFO: Linking $ORACLE_HOME/precomp/lib/proc

INFO: ld: fatal: library -lclntsh: not found

INFO: ld: fatal: file $ORACLE_HOME/lib//libncds10.a: unknown file type
ld: fatal: library -ldce: not found

I found some metalink notes for this, but they didn't solve the issue:

333348.1 Install 10gR2 on Solaris 64 bits fails with: 'library -ldce: not found'

To implement the solution, you can use the patch for the bug or use a workaround:

A) Use the patch

1. Download patch 4589082 from metalink and apply it following instruction in README file

2. Install 10.2 software

B) Use the workaround

1. Rename /usr/lib/ to other name
2. Do installation
3. Rename back the file in step 1.


Bug 4589082 - Error In Invoking Target 'Relink' Of Makefile, Ld: Library -Ldce: Not Found

I tried both A and B given above, but the issue remains. I also read the bug entry which says this:


Install of Oracle 10gR2 on Solaris fails with:

Error in invoking target 'relink' of makefile


/precomp/lib/'. See


08-31_09-15-12AM.log' for details


Installation type perform is: EE (Enterprise Edition)

Problem is related to the fact that the installer checks for DCE:

filename = /usr/lib/

INFO: Query Returned: true

INFO: Setting variable 'b_installDce' to 'true'.

and based on that info decides to include DCE as well, while as far as I know DCE is not supported on Solaris.

*** 11/23/05 08:53 am *** 

Uploaded the patch with the fix. This patch needs to be appiled to the

Installation Software (Not to the ORACLE_HOME).

*** 11/30/05 05:17 am ***

Customer confirmed that the patch (applied on the staging area) solved the issue

I finally figured out what was causing this. If we try to install patchset directly without applying first, this error occurs. You should

1. Install
2. Apply patch 4589082 to stage
3. Apply patchset on home.

That should resolve it.


Nditsheni said...


We also have the same problem and no solution.


Vikram Das said...


I think we solved this one finally. The issue appears if you try to upgrade directly to instead of first installing Please try that and let me know. I'll update the blog meanwhile.

- Vikram

Nditsheni said...


I have my database already on and I'm trying to apply patchset to my home on Solaris 8 and it is failing with the same error.