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Friday, August 10, 2007

Comment without registering on blogger

Rohit is a colleague. He told me that many a times he has wanted to leave a comment on my blog but put it off because blogger wanted him to register first. He said that is the reason there are no comments on my blog even though quite a few people visit it.

I did a little research and found that it is possible to comment without getting registered. Here's what I found out :

A bit of housekeeping: We've gotten several emails from people having problems posting comments to this site, so we've changed the set up a bit (because we really do want people to comment and discuss). From now on, you don't have to have a blogger account to post a comment -- anyone can post without registering for anything. In the comments section, if you don't have a blogger account, just select "other" instead of "blogger," then fill in your name (and url if you have one). Or you can choose "anoymous" if you must, but we hope you'll all ID yourselves in some way ... So comment away!

This above option became visible only after I went to blogger settings, comments tab and changed the value of field "Who can comment" from registered users to anyone.


Anonymous said...

Having to register before you can post a comment is a form of censorship...I dont have the energy to fill out pages of personal information,just to comment...Who does?...Well the CIA does.They get paid for doing it.They write constantly, everywhere,as we recently discovered in wikipedia..Controlling information is a big deqal for an unjust system..Because of the carefull distortion and ommision of information ,The american public has become the most ignorant of democracies.

Anonymous said...

Governments around the world, claiming they want to protect children,
thwart terrorists and silence racists and hate mongers, are rushing to
eradicate freedom of expression on the Internet,..They want to write up laws ,curtailing free speech..To hide their unjust policies...So who do you think,writes about terror,hate ,and even run some porn sites...Yes its your local government agents...They then have a reason to implement censorship..Its an old government trick,cause some mayhem then claim some emergency powres are needed..Every tyrinacal power has used this ruse since day 1 of collecting taxes and governing people,because they are unjust and have corruption in their hearts..If you dont see through their scams and they write up laws banning free speech such as this,we will not be able to get it back and one law at a time our freedoms will be eroded our information will be false and life will get very nasty.

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