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Friday, August 31, 2007

The requested URL /oa_servlets/oracle.jsp.JspServlet was not found on this server

Today, Anand contacted me in the evening. They were facing an issue in a clone. Whenever self service interface was launched from AppsLogin page, the following error appeared in the browser:

HTTP-404 The requested URL /oa_servlets/oracle.jsp.JspServlet was not found on this server.

After various searches on metalink, I realised that OAM link was working but the Apps login page was not working. On closer scrutiny I came to know that the login page clicked was pointing to This is not supported by Oracle. The value of this URL is provided in the xml file in the context variable s_login_page. The value of s_login_page. The format is After correcting the value of s_login_page variable in xml file, running autoconfig and restarting services the error disappeared. It is possible that the templates created during pre-clone stage had errors because of which the value was incorrect in the clone.

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Hari said...

This could also be due to error on the if any property was defined twice or any syntax error.