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Monday, August 20, 2007

Enhancement request for utility/script to identify which quarterly CPU is applied

The quarterly critical patch update which is released by Oracle every January, April, July and October for E-Business Suite includes patches for all the techstack:

1. Database patches applied through opatch
2. Application Server patches applied through shell scripts
3. Developer 6i patches applied through shell scripts
4. Jinitiator security enhancements introduced through new Jinitiator versions
5. Apps patches applied through adpatch.

Only after you apply the patches for the whole technology stack, can you say that you have applied the full Critical Patch Update. There is no easy way is available to verify this. We have to query each component of the techstack manually to identify whether an instance is on the most recent CPU.

I logged an enhancement request with Oracle for the creation of a utility/script which can query an instance and identify which quarterly CPU is applied on an instance. For example the utility/script should be able to say whether April 2007 CPU or July 2007 CPU or any of the previous CPUs is applied on the instance. The bug # for this is 6324967. I hope that something is done by Oracle for this and it is released soon.



Query view dba_registry_history will give you CPU patch details on Database

~ Virag Sharma

Vikram said...

Hi Virag,

Thanks for the information. However my request is for CPU on complete techstack i.e.

1. Patches on DB
2. Patches on iAS
3. Patches on Developer
4. Patches on Apps

- Vikram