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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Verifying existance of the table: ADX_PRE_AUTOCONFIG

Recently I came across this error at the end of an adconfig session in $APPL_TOP/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME/log/timestamp/adconfig.log:

Verifying existance of the table: ADX_PRE_AUTOCONFIG
Table does not exist. Exiting RestoreProfile...

-------------------ADX Database Utility Finished---------------

Verifying connection to the Database : Established
Restore Profile Feature : Disabled

No Restore Profile file created.

This is due to unpublished Bug 4604710. They are trying to test a new feature for restoring profiles which requires ADX_PRE_AUTOCONFIG table. However the warning message looks like an error. This was fixed in ADX.F (Patch 3453499) which has been superseded by TXK Rollup S (patch 6372396). So if you apply the latest TXK Rollup patch the message changes to :

Restore Profile utility ran successfully

AutoConfig is exiting with status 0

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