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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Issues in LogicalApps after 10g upgrade

LogicalApps is a bolt-on to Oracle Apps in one of our instances. After upgrading this instance from Database version to, none of the forms would open. An error about invalid package body LA_ENHNCMTMGR_PKG was being displayed. Recently Oracle acquired LogicalApps, so it was easy to log an SR in metalink for this issue. Based on Metalink searches we found that the product name is now Oracle Preventive Controls Governor.

This is how it went:

SQL> alter package LA_ENHNCMTMGR_PKG compile body;

Warning: Package Body altered with compilation errors.

SQL> show error

-------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
4708/1 PL/SQL: Item ignored
4708/1 PLS-00999: implementation restriction (may be temporary) Java
methods not permitted here

4735/1 PL/SQL: Item ignored
4735/1 PLS-00999: implementation restriction (may be temporary) Java
methods not permitted here

Following query was given by Oracle to identify the version of LogicalApps:

select * from la_install_history;

Release 6.5.3 is not compatible with 10g database. But in past we did provide one off fix for 6.5.3 to resolve the issue you are getting. So now to fix the issue we have following two options:-
1. upgrade to release 6581 which is 10g compatible
2. Apply the one off fix which will resolve this issue

1. Down load the file 10g_la_appsform_pkg_body.plb from my google group.
2.Compile the downloaded file through SQL prompt
3. Once done, check the status of LA_ENHNCMTMGR_PKG
4. If valid, test the system by logging in ERP applcation
5. If Invalid, update the SR accordingly


briankgroves said...

Hi Vikram. I'd be interested in more information on this issue with LogicalApps.

1. How are you using the LogicalApps application? And is there any reason that you would use LogicalApps for forms changes instead of Oracle personalization?

2. Is this kind of issue common when upgrading your Oracle environment? How many LogicalApps customers are likely to be impacted?

Vikram Das said...

Hi Brian,

1. I don't have an idea about the functional side of LogicalApps.

2. This issue is going to happen in every instance in your environment and you have to follow the noe 561829.1