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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Carlos Sierra's Trace Analyzer and other works

If you have ever downloaded Trace Analyzer (Metalink Note 224270.1), file, it has instructions.txt. At the end of instructions.txt you'll find:


5. References and feedback
Enhanced Explain Plan and related diagnostic information for
one SQL
Note: 215187.1
o Implementing and Using the PL/SQL Profiler
Note: 243755.1

o Contact author by email:


Carlos Sierra has written many other great scripts and utilities. You can easily verify that by giving the keyword csierra in metalink and see the results. You'll find a lot of scripts starting with prefix bde_. I wonder what that stands for. The coe in the scripts stands for Center of Expertise as mentioned in Metalink Note:190124.1 which is a white paper on performance. One more metalink note 169935.1 is on Troubleshooting Oracle Apps performance issues which says:

Carlos Sierra

Apps Engineering CoE

Oracle Support

I think Carlos has written very good scripts and anyone interested in performance tuning and tracing should always keep a lookout on Trace Analyzer and all the other great scripts and utilities written and continuously enhanced by him.

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Doug Burns said...

>> bde

Bug Diagnosis and Escalation, I *think*.