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Wednesday, June 4, 2008 requires Solaris 10 OS patch 127111-02 (obsoleted by 127127-11) as pre-req

While going through readme of Oracle Database patchset (patch 6810189), I came to know that Solaris 10 OS patch 127111-02 is a pre-requisite for this patchset.

7 System Requirements

The following are the system requirements for this patch set:

  • Operating System: Solaris 8, Solaris 9 - Patch#112874-39, or Solaris 10 - patch#127111-02.

  • Oracle Database 10g ( or later

If we search for this patch in Sunsolve patch finder we learn that it has been Obsoleted by: 127111-03 SunOS 5.10: kernel patch. If you find 127111-03 in the same place, it is obsoleted by 127111-05. This goes on till 127111-11 which is obsoleted by 127127-11. Thankfully this patch is not yet obsolete. So apply 127127-11 on your Solaris 10 box before applying patchset. The detail from Sun about this patchset is here.

I am also providing the patch obsolescence tree here which leads us to 127127-11:

127111-02 obsoleted by
127111-03 obsoleted by
127111-05 obsoleted by
127111-06 obsoleted by
127111-07 obsoleted by
127111-08 obsoleted by
127111-09 obsoleted by
127111-10 obsoleted by
127111-11 obsoleted by
127127-11 Not yet obsolete

I got this validated by Oracle on an SR, where they advised us to go with the latest OS patch which is not yet obsolete:

19-AUG-08 20:29:07 GMT

(Update for record id(s): 243240208)

Installing on Solaris64, should I apply Solaris Patch 127127-11 instead of the 127111-02 version specified in the patchset readme ?

Yes. You should always use the superseding patch if one is available.

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