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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Command line Pasta through FNDPSTAX

When using the Pasta utility from the command line, you can use the options below.

FNDPSTAX [options]

specifies the number of copies to print.
Specifies the error log file’s path and name. The path is the absolute path to the error
log file.
specifies the input file name. Example: -fmyfile.txt
Specifies the configuration file’s path and name.
Adjusts the space between lines. The default value is 1.0. If is larger than 1, the
space between lines will be larger.
Adjusts the space between characters. The default value is 1.0. If is larger than
1.0, the space between characters will be larger.
Print in landscape mode. (The default is portrait).
specifies the output file name.
Overrides the font size option in pasta.cfg.
Overrides the font size in -s and fontsize for bold font.
No print option.
specifies the paper height in inches.
specifies the paper width in inches.
Converts a PostScript file to a PrintForm file .
specifies a PrintForm file to be merged in a Pasta output at runtime.
specifies the printer name.

Banner option for use with the Unix lp command.
Displays the version number.
Specifies the output format. Two output formats are supported: PostScript ("ps") and
text ("text").


$ FNDPSTAX -pnPrinter007 -f/tmp/kanban.zpl -c1
request id is Printer007-900 (1 file(s))

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