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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You can not deploy a custom war/ear file on 9iAS

Sandeep asked me if it is possible to deploy a war/ear file on 9iAS which ships with E-Business Suite. It is very much possible in 10g AS (9.0.4) but not possible in 9iAS. I logged an SR with Oracle about this and this is what they said:

Is it possible to deploy a war file created in JDeveloper in 9iAS ORACLE_HOME of ?

(Note: This is INTERNAL ONLY research. No action should be taken by the customer on this information.
This is research only, and may NOT be applicable to your specific situation.)

Note 361673.1 - Deploying to 10g (9.0.4) iAS Application Server from JDeveloper 9.0.4

Please try to use jdeveloper to directly deploy the war file. You can refer Note 361673.1.



20-MAY-08 18:13:13 GMT

New info :
The note you have given tells about 10g application server version 9.0.4. comes with 9iAS version
How do we do this in 9iAS ?

20-MAY-08 19:53:01 GMT
Deploy the war file is part of functionality of jdeveloper. I think the way to deploy are same in both 10g and 9i. But need to double check with jdeveloper team, note 361673.1 belongs to jdeveloper team too.



20-MAY-08 20:54:21 GMT
Hi Vikram,

I am Stephan from the JDev team (core).
I will review your issue as soon as possible.
( I am sorry, but I do not support the Applications


RVW - in review

20-MAY-08 21:13:55 GMT

Hi Vikram,

Is it possible to deploy the war file in jdeveloper 9.0.3?
Is there any difference when deploy to iAS 9.0.4 and

I would say it is unlikely to work.
I know is not supported if that is the correct version.
And I doubt you would be able to deploy to it from JDeveloper 9.0.3
if that version is correct.

I've asked some of my colleagues, but no one recalls that there was a way to deploy to other than its own mechanism. didn't have any OC4J instance.
(OC4J was still an Orion product at that time).
It may be deploys Java applications thru Mod_JServ.
JServ didn't use ear or war files as JServ has no concept of ears and wars.
It didn't use opmn or dcm as I recall. It used admin.jar only I think.
You set everything up as jars and use certain properties files to point to the pieces.

Unfortunately, we no longer support those products for custom application deployment.
That if you want to use a custom application, you should install and use the current versions. Also, if you are trying to develop an apps framework application, this has to be looked after by the apps team.

Also, my research on Metalink let me find: Note 130376.1
Title: Deploying a servlet created in JDeveloper on iAS's Apache JServ

Please be advised that 9iAS became Desupported 30-JUN-2004

Extended Support (ES) will be provided until 30-JUN-2007, if a customer
has a current Oracle Support contract in place.

Note 231674.1
Desupport Notices - Oracle Products Oracle9i Application Server &

Hope this helps you understand your case further.
Best regards,

20-MAY-08 21:56:01 GMT

As a separate product 9iAS is desupported, but as part of Oracle E-Business Suite, it still remains supported. Since OC4J is not present in 9iAS, I do not think it is possible. Thanks for all your help. You may close this SR.

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