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Monday, May 5, 2008

Oracle Database Lite (Olite)

In E-Business Suite, Olite is a technology component if you are using Mobile Field Services

Oracle Database Lite was developed from the ground up to be a smallfootprint, zero-administration, yet powerful mobile or embedded database.Because it requires no administration and has an extremely lightweight footprint, it is ideal for developing applications for mass deployment to thousands of mobile or disconnected end-users. Oracle Database Lite is not a full-featured Oracle Enterprise Edition database. It is specifically optimizedfor mobile and embedded environments. Despite the small footprint, Oracle Database Lite still supports most large-DBMS features, such as transactions,row-level locking, SQL-92, and Java stored procedures and triggers.

A classic implementation of Oracle Database Lite is in a field technicianapplication. For example, Company X has an Oracle Database Standard Edition in their datacenter. However, Company X field technicians are mobile sixty percent of the time without an internet connection. Oracle Database Lite allows Company X to subset the necessary field technician data and deploy the data to the technicians’ Laptop or PDA. The field technician is now able to befully functional and productive while offline and while mobile. If the Laptopor PDA is ever “connected”, Oracle Database Lite will quickly and securely synchronize the data, and changes, with the Oracle Database Standard Edition in the datacenter. Oracle Database Lite is optimized for these types of scenarios and can efficiently scale to thousands of users/devices.

Oracle Database Lite includes two main components.
1) The client component which runs on the mobile device or laptop to store the application data. 2) The server component (Mobile Server) to manage the synchronization and deployment of mobile applications.

Metalink Note 554931.1 lists the desupport notice for Olite versions upto 10.3 which is supported till Dec 2009 after which premier support ends.

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