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Friday, May 30, 2008

Responsibility shows up in Security:User:Define but not in self service

This is a known issue after ATG RUP patches, which was first brought to my attention today. A user has been assigned 10 responsibilities through System Adminstrator Responsibility with navigation Security:User:Define. However when the user logs in he is able to see only 4 responsibilities. 6/10 responsibilities are missing. The solution is described in Metalink Notes 417439.1:

Applies to:

Oracle Self-Service Web Applications - Version: 11.5.9
This problem can occur on any platform.


Responsibilities are not showing up after reactivating user accounts by removing the termination end date.
When reactivating user accounts that have been end dated due to termination, the employee (user) can't see any responsibilities
Ex-employees or employees that have a change assignments can access Oracle but can't access any responsibilities

### Steps to Reproduce ###
Rehire an Ex-Employee or change the Assignment on HR to Active (following return to work),
Remove End Date on User Account via Sys Admin.
User logs in but has no responsibilities


Rehire an ex-employee


Known issue when there is a user/role relationship referring to a user or a role
that does not exist in WF_LOCAL_ROLES, it removes the relationship.


1. Make sure that the latest ATG_RUP patch has been applied.
2. Run Concurrent Program System: Administrator Responsibility->Request->'Synchronize WF LOCAL tables'
3. Run Concurrent Program: 'Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation'.
4. Restart the Workflow Agent Listeners: WF_DEFERRED and WF_JAVA_DEFERRED


Note 356529.1 - FND Users changes are not propagated to WF Directory Services Tables (WFDS)
Note 356342.1 - Fndscaus Shows User Resps As Active But They Are Missing At User Login

We did the steps and there was no result. When the user logged in next time, he had no responsibilities. The correct way to do this is:

Run Concurrent Program: Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation twice
fist time with the parameters 10000,Y,N,N
second time with the parameters 10000,N,Y,N

Ask user to clear his/her browser cache or test in an alternate browser in which he/she did not login before.

This worked for us.


Anonymous said...

good stuff vikram. we have the same problem, i always end up updating the wf-local-user-roles table. i know its atg-rup problem. but sync wf tables program wont help i think. let me try ur method and see if it helps. good luck. i like ur blog. interesting points.

Anonymous said...

We are having the same issue on any instance that has had 6699770 11I.HR_PF.K.DELTA.2 applied. Have tried the concurrent program mentioned. The only work around we have found is to end date/un-end date the user.

Anonymous said...

"The only work around we have found is to end date/un-end date the user."

Thanks for the comment, it worked for me too


Anonymous said...

I have done everything
Means run "Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation",and another programms also. but its of no use then also user can not see the resposibility.
can u give me the next solution ion this issue?

Amit Sharma said...

Hi Kishore,

I am getting the same issue for R12.1.3 Instance. Can you please share the update for this?