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Monday, May 19, 2008

"\x80L\x01\x03" 501 in Apache access_log on extranet

Recently when we were testing extranet on two new servers in DMZ, it was not possible to open the URL home page Checking the access_log we found that whenever we tried to access the URL, Apache access_log would show HTTP-501 message:

"\x80L\x01\x03" 501

The 501 status code message is displayed when the server does not recognize the document request method. The server is not capable of fulfilling this request and states the request was “Not Implemented”.

Once the load balancer team corrected the SSL certificate, we stopped receiving this error.


Anonymous said...

hi , i am facing the same problem can you advise some solution

Vamshi D

Vikram Das said...

Are you seeing this error in your E-Business Suite instance on extranet app tier Apache in DMZ ? If yes, please make sure that the SSL certificate is installed properly. Once you give me a little details about your environment, I can be more specific about solution steps.

- Vikram