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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ResetDNSService():OpenService: - GetLastError

Sometime back, my laptop was showing the blue screen of death whenever I issued the shutdown command. After applying XP Service Pack 3 on my laptop, the blue screen of death disappeared. However I get a message from my VPN Nortel Contivity client which says: ResetDNSService():OpenService: - GetLastError

This error comes only when I launch the client from a non-Administrator user. The error doesn't appear if VPN client is launched through Administrator user. As a good security practice, I use a non-admin user for my day to day activities. It prevents any spyware from getting installed without my knowledge as normal user has limited rights.

I am investigating this one still. Will update this post once I have some answers.


Anonymous said...

I've managed to correct this on a couple of machines at work by uninstalling and reinstalling the Nortel VPN client.

Keith said...

I also often experience this. Laptop that I use often blank when shut down. By the way, what is a VPN Client? How does this system work?
Please explain to me because I lay in the technology world. Thanks...