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Thursday, April 3, 2008

isRtl(java.lang.String) has protected access in oracle.apps.fnd.sso.SessionMgr

In one of our instances, after applying ATG_PF.H RUP6, July 2007, Oct 2007 and Jan 2008 CPU patches, the login page (AppsLocalLogin.jsp) did not come up. We got HTTP-500 Internal Server Error. Apache logs showed this:

Apache access_log showed: - - [02/Apr/2008:16:33:13 -0400] "GET /OA_HTML/AppsLocalLogin.jsp HTTP/1.1" 500 544 2

jserv.log showed:

[02/04/2008 16:58:26:550 EDT] JspServlet: unable to dispatch to requested page:

Errors compiling:/apps11i

Line #Error


[jsp src:line #:308]
isRtl(java.lang.String) has protected access in oracle.apps.fnd.sso.SessionMgr
if (SessionMgr.isRtl(langCode)) {

I had never seen such an error and presumed that it could be due to the patches. Later on in the day, Akhilesh called me to say that the issue is resolved. He said that the project team had asked the DBAs to do a code move which contained a customized AppsLocalLogin.jsp. Once they replaced it with the standard AppsLocalLogin.jsp the issue was resolved. I never thought that someone would customize AppsLocalLogin.jsp. I learnt that the project team wanted to put some disclaimers on the login page because of which they were customizing it. Metalink Note 468971.1 describes tips for personalizing AppsLocalLogin.jsp. The project team had logged an SR with Oracle with this query:

Hi we have to add the copyright message at the login page in Bold and in red color for that we have updated the message FND_SSO_SARBANES_OXLEY_TEXT . then submited the "Generate Messages" and also updated the profile value "Local Login Mask" with 96 and finally bounced the appache , but our message is not coming on the single screen and and we have to scroll down to right of the screen to read that . we have tried to add the HTML tags in the
message but thay are cmoing as it is in the screen without any effect , can you please help in achiving this requirment .

Solution given by Oracle which involved editing AppsLocalLogin.jsp:

Please review the Note 391826.1 FND_SSO_SARBANES_OXLEY_TEXT Does Not Line Wrap On AppsLocalLogin.jsp


The following solution is a workaround. You make the following change at your own risk. Furthermore, the following change wil
l be lost when applying patches that replace $OA_HTML/AppsLocalLogin.jsp. In thi
s case it is up to you to manage this change.

1. Backup $OA_HTML/AppsLocalLogin.jsp

2. edit AppsLocalLogin.jsp with a text editor such as vi

3. change the line :
StyledTextBean legalMessage = new StyledTextBean();
RawTextBean legalMessage = new RawTextBean();

4. Save

5. cd $OAD_TOP/_pages/_oa__html/, rm *AppsLocalLogin*

6. Change the Sarbanes Oxley text so that your using html tags to place line breaks using navigation: Application Developer - Messages

7. Bounce Apache

The text should now wrap

Seems it didn't work, because project team replied:


Did the changes suggested. There no change except the font size and color. Now its getting displayed in RED color.
Attached the screen shot of the output.

changes done were:
1. Download file AppsLocalLogin.jsp fron $OA_HTML.
2. Comment the Styled TextBean and Add RawTextBean
//StyledTextBean legalMessage = new StyledTextBean();
RawTextBean legalMessage = new RawTextBean();

Hi Vijay,

As the text is now interpreted as html code, you can use
tag in the text FND_SSO_SARBANES_OXLEY_TEXT to make the text to wrap.
Please upload the FND_SSO_SARBANES_OXLEY_TEXT text if you need help to customize
the message.


Hi Adrian
please find the attcahed message we have put for FND_SSO_SARBANES_OXLEY_TEXT .
but it is showing the message in the single line , but when we use the same in normal HTML file it is coming properly

Vijay Sharma

26-MAR-08 13:55:08 GMT

Hi Vijay,

Please try the followings text for the FND_SSO_SARBANES_OXLEY_TEXT :

My Oracle ERP is a non-export controlled system. All technical information disclosed or otherwise provided (orally, electronically, visually or in writing) shall at all times be subject to U.S.A. export control laws and regulations.

Accordingly all technical data and information, technical assistance and software disclosed or otherwise provided by Justanexample Company, and any product thereof,
shall not be exported directly or indirectly from the U.S.A. unless
explicitly permitted by Justanexample Company in writing in accordance with U.S.A. export control laws and regulations.
It is understood that “export” includes re-export and any disclosures within a country to a citizen or resident of another country.
The aforesaid obligations shall be without limitation as to time.


After this the TAR was closed. I'll find out if that really solved the issue.

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Tanveer Sarang said...

Hi, this is how I have made it work

Follow all the given instructions to make changes to the

Here is how you format you text to be inserted into the "FND_SSO_SARBANES_OXLEY_TEXT" field, (I am posting my example, this can be modified to whatever message you want)

ok, I am not being allowed to post the formatted text.

You can Email me at if you need the proper formatted text. Thanks.