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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 2008 Critical Patch Update

Refer to Metalink Note 557157.1 for the April 2008 Critical Patch Update.

In nutshell:

Database patch 6864068 for DB
No new patches for Application Server, Developer Suite or Jinitiator if you are on Jan 2007 CPU or higher and Jinitiator or Sun JRE
You need to be on ATG RUP5 or 6 as a baseline on top of which you need to apply 4 E-biz patches:
Another interesting fact given is that the last CPU for Oracle will be in Jan 2009.


K_D said...

I have oracle database on windows 2003 server. When I look at the April 2008 advisory, it doesn't say any patch number for It just say July 22, 2008. Any idea on which patch I am suppose to use?

K_D said...

is any body have patch number for oracle database. April 2008 cpu said July 22, 2008.

Vikram Das said...

Hi k_d,

If you read carefully, Table 8 of metalink note 552248.1 gives the patch number for all the operating systems and supported Oracle Database versions. The patches for are:

Windows 32 bit: 6867054
Windows 64 bit: 6867055
Windows AMD64 : 6867056