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Friday, April 11, 2008

Cannot read value from field PARAMETER.CONFIG'

This error appeared when was done on an instance. This came immediately after upgrading the OS of the instance from Solaris 8 to Solaris 10. So the usual suspect was the OS upgrade. However 356434.1 says that this happens when GUEST user is end dated. We queried the DB:

SQL> select end_date from fnd_user
2 where user_name='GUEST';



Sure enough it was end-dated. What a co-incidence ! It was end dated with the date on which OS upgrade was planned. So we issued this command:

update fnd_user set end_date=null where user_name='GUEST';

Issue was solved.


Edson said...

please i'm also having a similar error after running an import from another similar instance. Cannot read value from field PARAMETER.CONFIG

Cause: The field PARAMETER.CONFIG could not be located or read.

Action: This error is normally the result of an incorrectly-entered field name string in a trigger, or a field name string that does not uniquely specify a field in your form. Correct your trigger logic to precisely specify a valid field.
Starting forms server for PROD on port 9000.
Cannot read value from field PARAMETER.CONFIG

Please help

Vikram Das said...

Please provide more details like the exact command which is executed and results in this error.