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Monday, April 21, 2008

Configure workflow notification mailer without IMAP

This is one my favorite interview questions, which has stumped many a great candidate. Question is "I do not need inbound processing, is there a way to configure workflow notification mailer without using IMAP ?" The candidate who is asked this question, goes blank. Details of implementing it is given in metalink note 268274.1:

How To Configure The Workflow Java Mailer Without An IMAP Account (Assumes No Inbound Processing)

How To Run The Java Workflow Mailer Without Inbound Notification Processing

If you would like to apply 11i.OWF.G you must implement the new java notification mailer,
This requires you to have an IMAP4 compliant email account for inbound notification
processing and a SMTP account for outbound processing. Unless both are configured correctly
you are unable to complete the setup of the mailer as the verification page (page 3-4) in OAM
never completes (unless both inbound and outbound email servers are configured and setup corretly.

Some Customers only use the outbound email processing from the mailer and do not require
inbound processing.


Steps to setup the WF Mailer for Outbound Processing only

Please apply patch:3409889 to install this new functionality. After applying the patch, you need to perform the following steps:

1:- Login to OAM
2:- Choose the Workflow Manager screen
3:- Choose Service Components
4:- Edit the "Workflow Mailer"
5:- Navigate to page 3 of Workflow Configuration
6:- Set Inbound Thread Count = 0 (zero)
7:- If you use outbound processing set Outbound Thread Count = 1
8:- In the Inbound EMail Account details please enter any data
(this cannot be null)
9:- In the Outbound EMail Account details add the details for your outbound server
10:- Shutdown and restart the application server and the mailer

Setting inbound thread count = 0 makes the OAM Configuration screen to not perform and verification of the IMAP server. Therefore, this allows you to continue with the setup of Workflow Mailer.

NOTE: For standalone ONLY:

You will have the code within workflow which does not validate the IAMP server
if the Inbound Thread Count is set to Zero, if you upgrade to iAS10.1.2 and use
Content Manager
Bug 3178398 - In 11.5.9 Must Use Email Processing When Responding To Notifications
Note 231286.1 - Configuring the Oracle Workflow 2.6 Java-based Notification Mailer with Oracle Applications 11i

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Anonymous said...

Is it possible to configure Workflow notification with any other protocol ? Like pop3 and mapi ?