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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pre-requisites prompted by patch 3480000

Since AD.I, adpatch doesn't check for pre-requisites of the patch being applied, unless you give the argument options=prereq.

When we applied the maintenance pack 3480000 with

adpatch options=prereq

It came out saying that these 3 patches needed to be applied on our instance:

4665900 (OM Prerequisite Patch for 11510 customers)
4946700 (ITS concurrent process errors out transferring)

The interesting part is that if you go through the readme of the above patches, all of them require you to be on 11.5.10, that means, the pre-req of these patches is the maintenance pack patch 3480000. This creates a loop. Pre-req of 3480000 are 4665900, 4244449 and 4946700, but pre-req of these 3 patches is patch 3480000. What's the way out. Simple, merge these patches with 3480000.

Metalink Note 305920.1, also recommends applying 4199081 if Oracle Time and Labor is being used. As per this note, if the query below returns any rows, the creation of index HXC_APPROVAL_STYLES_UK1 will fail during the maintenance pack even if you are not using Oracle Time and Labor:

HAVING count(*)>1;

It would be a good idea to run this query in advance and check for any duplicate data.

If you find any duplicate data, you should apply the patch 4199081, before applying the maintenance pack patch 3480000, so that the duplicate data is fixed. This way the creation of index will not fail during maintenance pack.


ved said...

Hi Mr. Das,
I am new in apps. i want to set up for workflow notification mailer, but i not able to do so.
i using oracle on windows 2003.will i have to apply patch 4 same, if which one.
please help me

Vikram Das said...

Hi Ved,

You don't need to apply any patch to configure workflow notification mailer on a fresh instance. Oracle Applications 11i comes with Oracle Workflow (WF) already installed as a part of the Application Object Library (AOL). However you need to have SMTP and IMAP services running on your Windows box to configure it. I am guessing that you have not set these up because of which you are facing issues. You can contact me via this blog or directly on email

- Vikram