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Friday, December 28, 2007

aiprfp: product 'izu' not in release 'R115'

While applying patch 3180164 which is a pre-req for maintenance pack 3480000 to upgrade an 11.5.9 instance to, you'll get this error:


Connecting to APPS......Connected successfully.

AutoPatch error:
aiprfp: product 'xxz' not in release 'R115'

Error running SQL and EXEC commands in parallel

You should check the file

A search on metalink will return two notes 457886.1 and 334445.1. Note 457886.1 recommends modifying the $APPL_TOP/admin/topfile.txt and removing the line which is there for izu. However note 334445.1 advises applying patch 3865683 (RELEASE 11.5.10 PRODUCTS NAME PATCH) as a solution.

This error occurs because IZU or Oracle Diagnostics was a product which was introduced much after maintenance pack was released. So if you have a pre-11.5.10 instance on which you have installed Oracle Diagnostics, you will get this error. This is because 11.5.10 or its pre-reqs are unaware of this product. So logically speaking, the products name patch 3865683 should solve this by updating the relevant drivers so that and its pre-reqs become aware of IZU. If even after applying the product names patch, the error occurs, then you have no option but to remove IZU from topfile.txt and apply the patch, after which you can restore the original topfile.txt

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