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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mystery of missing parameters in ASCP concurrent program Planning Data Pull

We have planned multiple iterations of 11.5.9 / to upgrade, before going live. Our second iteration began recently. One of the users remarked that there was a difference in the parameters of the ASCP concurrent program: Planning Data Pull. The old instance had 3 extra parameters: Sales Channel, Fiscal Calendar, Payback Demand/Supply. The new instance did not have these 3 parameters. We were on Collections Rollup #21 in old instance. In the new instance we had applied Collections Rollup #22 patch.

I followed Metalink Note 179522.1 which says:

The recommended first steps are:
1. Install the latest Data Collections patch as noted in Note 223026.1 – List of High Priority Patches for the APSNote 223026.1 – List of High Priority Patches for the APS Suite

Note 223026.1 further says:

IV. Data Collections for ATP and all the APS Applications (MSC)

11.5.10 or 11iSCM_PF.J - only for this release

Collections Cumulative Patch #23 - 6447137 - Released 07-Dec-2007

OPM Customers - Please open an SR with the product Oracle Process Manufacturing Process Planning (Code 737) and they can provide the latest OPM Integration patch numbers for the OPM ASCP Planning UI rollup patch and OPM Data Collections rollup patch

Readme of patch 6447137 says:

USER EXPERIENCE changes on applying this patch on site at level rup16 or below:
A) New profile 'Refresh Site to Region Mappings Event' is introduced by bugfix 5717270.
B) Following 3 new entities will be seen on the collections parameters screen. Their default values are 'no'(old behavior):
#1)Sales Channels
#2)Fiscal Calendars
#3)Payback Supply/Demand
#1,#2 need to be collected only by users using product 'Demantra' also. It is recommended that customers don't collect #3 until they uptake the engine 11510 rup#23 ARU that instructs collection of this entity for a new Borrow/payback feature.

I applied the patch on both Source and Destination instances, as instructed in patch readme. However the 3 new parameters refused to appear.

I followed bug # 4877132 for this issue which advises running this command:

FNDLOAD apps/apps 0 Y UPLOAD $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/afcpprog.lct $MSC_TOP/patch/115/import/US/mscprg.ldt UPLOAD_MODE=REPLACE CUSTOM_MODE=FORCE

After running the above command, the 3 missing parameters appeared.

This also created 2600+ invalid objects. So I ran utlrp.sql which fixed all of them.

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