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Friday, September 28, 2007

Use free DNS service to test extranet

Recently, I got an SOS from a team which was implementing iStore and had a sev 1 SR open with Oracle because they were getting redirected from extranet to internal servers. I checked for s_login_page and s_external_url and sure enough it had the internal server addresses. I asked the DBA to correct those entries in the extranet tiers and recheck the values of these variables in the context file:

set the webentry point, s_webentryhost, to the hostname justanexample
set the webentry domain, s_webentrydomain, to the domain name like
set the active webport, s_active_webport, to the port where the reverse proxy server listen for client requests. For example port 80 for HTTP or 443 for HTTPS.
set the webentry protocol, s_webentryurlprotocol, to the protocol value the clients use to access the reverse proxy server.
set the login page, s_login_page, to webentryprotocol://webentrypoint.webentrydomain:active webport. Replace , , , and with their respective values.
set the external url, s_external_url to the full url like

After running autoconfig, the problem was solved and it was no longer directing to internal app tiers.

Peculiar thing was that, they were using numeric IP to reach the extranet web tier. I advsied them to find out from the client what name was reserved for the site and use that instead. It turned out that the name was being used for an existing web shop and iStore was supposed to replace it. I told them that they could use a free DNS provider and get a name for their IP in just a few seconds which would give them a proper URL to test instead of using a numeric IP. Furthermore, numeric IP is not supported as the URL by Oracle Apps. So I reserved a name for them through a free DNS service I had used their services long back for a similar purpose.

In case you have a similar problem, you could also use a free DNS service like to get a name for your global IP. It would be


Arunkumar said...

Nice tip Vikram.

Vikram said...

Thanks Arun.

Anonymous said...


We are implementing multi apps web nodes in DMZ frontended by reverse proxy. We are using oracle http standalone server as a reverse proxy.

We are able to login using reverse proxy .But when I click on preferences screen it says "session expired". I going to verify with our network team if "session persistence " is set in the load balancer which front ends the external web nodes .If I shutdown 1 apps node there are no issues .

Any other reason why this issue could be.

Vikram Das said...


We have faced this issue in our extranet implementations. The issue has been resolved by ensuring that the session persistence is set to cookie based (recommended by Oracle) or IP based and increasing the load balancer idle time setting. If the idle time is set to 30 minutes, it means that load balancer will keep a session alive for 30 minutes, and disconnect it only after 30 minutes. Ensure that the load balancer idle time is same as your s_sesstimeout value in xml file.

- Vikram

Anonymous said...

Where do you configure these webentry points and such?

We're having an issue when you select a minisite the site loads, however it's blank. No error msg or anything...

Vikram Das said...

Hi Anonymous,

These parameters are configured in the context file or xml file which is present in the $APPL_TOP directory of the extranet node.

It is possible that your mini site is not configured in the url firewall file url_fw.conf

- Vikram

Anonymous said...

Hi Vikram,
Is it possible to give diffrent domain name to istore minisite.If yes how can i implement that.
I have 2 minisites say A and B. I want to access them as