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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Can't locate object method "runPipedCmd" via package "ADX::util::Sysutil"

After applying TXK Rollup Q patch 5985992, when we ran adconfig, the following error appeared:

Can't locate object method "runPipedCmd" via package "ADX::util::Sysutil" at

We checked for the presence of ADX directory in the unzipped patch directory and compared the version of in the patch directory and in the directories mentioned in $PERL5LIB.
The version in patch was 115.3 whereas the version in $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/perl/lib/5.00503/ADX was 115.2. We reapplied the patch, but the version remained 115.2. So we took a backup of $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/perl/lib/5.00503/ADX directory on the instance and copied the ADX directory from the patch. adconfig worked fine after that.

However, I felt this was not something Oracle could have screwed up on. So I checked other instances which belonged to different projects and found that ADX directory did not exist in $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/perl5.00503. ADX directory existed only in $AU_TOP/perl. When I checked for version of in $AU_TOP/perl/ADX, it was 115.3. So the patch did update the ADX directory. Since the $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/perl5.00503 directory came first in the PERL5LIB environment variable, adconfig was referencing the ADX in that directory. I have an SR open with Oracle to find out whether ADX directory needs to be present in $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/perl5.00503 at all and did a patch place it there. If Oracle says it should not be there, then most probably one of the DBAs put it in that directory manually.

My guess was correct, this is what Oracle said:


ATG/ICM Advanced Resolution Engineer Review


I took a look at several 11i internal instances and none of them have an $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/perl/lib/5.00503/ADX subdirectory. This shouldn't exist, because we patch up the files under $AU_TOP/perl/ADX with the TXK/ADX patches, which wouldn't touch anything under any of the ORACLE_HOMEs (only APPL_TOP). I can't explain how you got an ADX subdirectory under the $IAS_ORACLE_HOME My speculation is that
maybe sometime in the past you had a PERL5LIB issue on this instance and you were instructed to copy the $AU_TOP/perl/ADX subdirectory (and contents) to $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/perl/lib/5.00503 instead of fixing. I would suggest that you rename $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/perl/site_per/5.00503/ADX first and ensure that you
have no issues with bouncing the services, running adconfig, running the applications, etc. Then after things have been tested out thoroughly you can remove the ADX backup directory entirely.


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