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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

AppsLocallogin shows blank page or HTTP-403

An instance which had a new virtual name was recently cloned. Whenever the E-Business Home Page link (which points to was clicked it showed up a blank page or HTTP-403 (If you go to Internet Explorer -> Tools Menu -> Advanced -> uncheck Show friendly HTTP error messages).

mod_jserv.log showed a lot of errors like this one:
..] [error] OPM:Can not find one alive process
These errors indicate that Jserv is not up-and-running. This is confirmed by the following entry in the error_log which indicates that oprocmgr is not able to find a active Jserv JVM.

If you check the Apache access log :

grep 403 $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/access_log

It would return a lot of lines similar to this one: - - [12/Sep/2007:17:25:55 -0400] "GET /oprocmgr-service?cmd=Register&index=0&modName=JServ&grpName=DiscoGroup&port=17140 HTTP/1.1" 403 226

This means that oprocmgr-service doesn't trust

I checked the "s_oacore_trusted_oproc_nodes" variable in xml file and it pointed to the new virtual name only. I added the also


and ran autoconfig. The problem was solved. If you do not want to run autoconfig, the file to modify is $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf/oprocmgr.conf

Port 1234

Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from localhost
Allow from justanexample
Allow from
Allow from -- Added this line

This problem and its solution is well documented in metalink note 372096.1.

You should add this line in these files present in $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf/


Allow from


Arunkumar said...

Nice tip Vikram.

Read other posts too. Your blog has a lot of useful and on-the-field information. Hats off for managing to dedicate time daily for this. Keep rocking !!


Vikram said...

Thanks for the encouragement Arun. Little drops of water make an ocean. My rule of at least one post a day, keeps the blog alive. I manage to find at least one new thing/issue about Oracle Apps which is not already present in the blog.

- Vikram

GVShankar said...

I am a little new at this. I have an app servers "ows1" and at DR site "ows3". I want to achieve the switchover through the DNS naming. I created a new name "ows0" which now points to "ows1". Everything works fine with "ows1". The URL ""
works well. Created a new context file and run the "" for the "ows0". When I try the URL
it gives the 403 error.

I added both the virtual and physical servers to the oprocmgr.conf, and it still gives the 403 error.

Any ideas?


Vikram Das said...


When Apache/Jserv starts it checks the hostname from which traffic is coming. If that hostname is not allowed in oprocmgr.conf and httpd.conf, then you get http-403. So, when your ows0 Apache is not allowing traffic from ows1. The oprocmgr.conf and httpd_pls.conf both need to allow ows1. Try it and let me know if it worked.

- Vikram

The G-man said...

Hi Vikram,

How are you? Hope everything is going good..
I am trying to setup a standalone iAS for our notification Mailer Framework Agent, do you have any good docs that I can use?