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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Account setup is still in progress. Please come back later.

We were informed by Oracle that Classic Metalink will retire this weekend and everyone has to start using the new metalink or My Oracle Support. They sneaked in Oracle SSO (OTN user id) integration sometime back. I set up the relationship between my metalink id and existing Oracle SSO (OTN id). During the weekend, we had some issues and I was not able to login with my Oracle SSO (OTN id). It gave this message:

Account setup is still in progress. Please come back later.

I tested with different browsers:

IE6 gives this error:

My Oracle Support Serivces Error

A server connection error occurred.

IO Error Error #2032

Please Try again later.

Firefox, Chrome and Opera give this error:
Account setup is still in progress. Please come back later.

After googling for sometime I found that the new site has an html interface which can be accessed through

I tried logging in through this and was successful.

I called Oracle Support and they have logged in an SR on my behalf for this issue. They told me that it is a known issue and a lot of users are facing this. They will inform me via email, when this gets resolved.


walkthrough said...

I am having the same issue, but your workaround website does not work for me, I got "Recursive error in error-page calling for /secure/error.jspx, see the application log for details. " from firefox.

NPRLisner said...

I'm having the same problem. How should one get Metalink support?

Hugo said...

I'm also facing the "Account setup is still in progress. Please come back later." on the flash version and the html version says "Your email change is in progress, login back in one hour."

Anonymous said...

One can resolve this issue by changing your Internet Settings.
Go to Tools/Internet Options.
Choose Advanced Tab.
Under Security - "uncheck"
Do not save encryted pages to disk".
This will resolve the error 2032