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Friday, November 6, 2009

Configurator performance issue in Order Entry

Today, Bimal pinged me about a performance issue with Configurator in Order Entry. He told me that the page CZInitialize.jsp was taking 7 minutes to appear. In a different instance on the same server it was taking 30 seconds. I asked him whether he had collected statistics for ONT. He said he had collected for ONT and APPLSYS.

I searched in Metalink with keywords Configurator performance Order Entry and came across Note 130511.1 which gives this suggestion:

The first step in troubleshooting performance problems is to ensure that the customer has recently gathered statistics and that it was done correctly. The following schemas may impact performance in the OM product suite: ONT, WSH, QP, INV, AK, MRP, HZ, CZ, APPLSYS.

I told Bimal about this and he executed the following commands:

exec fnd_stats.gather_schema_statistics('ONT') ;
exec fnd_stats.gather_schema_statistics('WSH') ;
exec fnd_stats.gather_schema_statistics('QP') ;
exec fnd_stats.gather_schema_statistics('INV') ;
exec fnd_stats.gather_schema_statistics('AK') ;
exec fnd_stats.gather_schema_statistics('MRP') ;
exec fnd_stats.gather_schema_statistics('HZ') ;
exec fnd_stats.gather_schema_statistics('CZ') ;
exec fnd_stats.gather_schema_statistics('APPLSYS') ;

The issue was resolved immediately. Always check for statistics as a cause for performance problems in a CBO world.

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