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Thursday, June 4, 2009

R12 Logo customization

Mohan queried me about logo personalization in R12. He had copied custom ORACLE_HR.jpg and FNDSSCORP.gif to $OA_MEDIA and bounced Apache. However custom logo is not displaying on R12 pages
He wanted to know whether he needed to call these two files in any of the file
He had already cleared cache on desktop and server.

The profile option "Corporate Branding Image for Oracle Applications" controls the
corporate branding image "ORACLE" displayed at the top of all OA Framework pages.
If no value is set for this profile, OA Framework renders the corporate branding image by using the $OA_MEDIA/FNDSSCORP.gif file.

If you change the value of this profile with the name of your custom image you will see your logo in all pages except in the login page because the "FNDSSCORP.gif " is hard coded in MainLoginPG.xml.

Metalink Note 741459.1 has some details about logo customization. Hence if you want to change the corporate branding image with your own logo and thus in all pages including the login page the simplest solution is to:

- rename the FNDSSCORP.gif file for backup
- edit the FNDSSCORP.gif with your preferred graphic software
- log out and log into the Applications
- you should see the new logo at the top of all the page (including the login page)

Mohan said that it is null. I asked him whether he replaced the file with his own gif or did he copy it. I mean modified the existing FNDSSCORP.gif after taking backup

In case you want a different logo for the login page then the only (non supported) solution consists in editing the $FND_TOP/mds/sso/login/webui/MainLoginPG.xml file,

Erroring with Product 'Company' is not a currently-installed product

Still working on this one.


Umair said...

Dear can you please also let us know, how to change Image: people image in R12 Login Page??


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