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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hotsos PRO training Day 3/3

Today we learnt how to read raw trace files and manually calculate what HotSoS profiler does programmatically.

Metalink Note 39817.1 explains the same. In Oracle 10g we have a new package DBMS_MONITOR through which trace should be done.

We learnt to analyze trace files and did various exercises with profiler reports.

Ric said, he has stopped working with tkprof ever since he got introduced to HotSos profiler and that if he ever were to go independent, he would sell his soul for keeping the HotSos profiler in his bag of tools.

HotSoS profiler is the best. I have compared the outputs of other profilers like Oracle's trace analyzer and OraSRP. However none of the alternatives provides the depth of HotSoS profiler.


Thiago said...

I did a training at hotsos, and looking on internet a found a free version of profiler, look here :

Vikram Das said...

Hi Thiago,

I have already mentioned OraSRP in my post. OraSRP is not as good as HotSoS profiler. Since you have taken the HotSoS training, you should know. OraSRP only gives the basic functionality of aggregating the times and showing the actions which take the most time. Advanced profiler options are not present in OraSRP.

- Vikram