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Monday, June 15, 2009

Classic Metalink to be retired by end of 2009

Oracle has announced that classic metalink is going to be retired by end of 2009. I don't like the new metalink much as it times out regularly and is not very intuitive. However, what must be must be. Oracle has a metalink note 838708.1 which has information about what you can do to prepare in advance. Adobe Flash player 9 is a pre-requisite and needs to be installed.

I have tried using the new metalink or "My Oracle Support", however I get frustrated when I am not able to do simple tasks. I'll have to get used to it, as Oracle will retire classic metalink which I access through now.


Patrick said...

I am totally with you. My Oracle Support (MOS) is REALLY buggy, slow, etc. They (MOS people) indicated a new version will be coming out..but no dates for the release, no indication what will be FIXED and what will not be fixed. What I really dislike about MOS is "we" have to go through the "growing" pains. Fix MOS 1st, the retire metalink.

John said...

Was the old Metalink really so broken? I'm having difficulty seeing what flash brings to the table to help me. If oracle wanted to improve Metalink they should have paid google to index the site so searching would actually retrieve meaningful results.

Anonymous said...

Check it out ?

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metalink2 user said...

@cwarticki posted on , Yesterday.

Anonymous said...

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