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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unix Error Codes

Error Codes are PORT specific, meaning that it is specific to each unix flavor.

The header file /usr/include/sys/errno.h has the error codes on any given machine

EPERM          1 No permission match
ENOENT       2 No such file or directory
ESRCH           3 No such process
EINTR           4 Interrupted system call
EIO                5 I/O error
ENXIO          6 No such device or address
E2BIG           7 Arg list too long
ENOEXEC    8 Exec format error
EBADF          9 Bad file number
ECHILD      10 No child processes
ENOMEM   12 Not enough space
EACCES      13 Permission denied
EFAULT     14 Bad address
EEXIST       17 File exists
EXDEV        18 Cross-device link
ENODEV     19 No such device
ENOTDIR   20 Not a directory
EISDIR        21 Is a directory
EINVAL      22 Invalid argument
EMFILE      24 Too many open files in a process
ETXTBSY   26 Text file busy
EFBIG         27 File too large
ESPIPE        29 Illegal seek
EMLINK      31 Too many links
EPIPE          32 Broken pipe

-- From here on Error vary WIDELY between machines

EDOM                33 Argument out of domain
ERANGE            34 Result too large
EIDRM               36 Identifier removed
EL2NSYNC        38 Level 2 not synchronized
EL3HLT             39 Level 3 halted
EL3RST             40 Level 3 reset
EL2HLT             44 Level 2 halted
EXFULL            52 Message tables full
ENOANO           53 Anode table overflow
EBADRQC         54 Bad request code
EBADSLT          55 Invalid slot
EDEADLOCK    56 File locking deadlock
EBFONT            57 Bad font file format
ENOSTR            60 Not a stream device
ENODATA         61 No data available
ETIME               62 Timer expired
ENOPKG           65 Package not installed
EREMOTE        66 Object is remote
EADV                 68 Advertise error
ESRMNT           69 Srmount error
EPROTO            71 Protocol error
EMULTIHOP    74 Multihop attempted
EBADMSG         77 Not a data message
ELIBACC           83 Can not access a needed shared lib.
ELIBBAD           84 Accessing a corrupted shared lib.
ELIBEXEC         87 Can not exec a shared library directly

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