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Monday, February 9, 2009

dms0/Spy dms1/Spy oprocmgr-service http-403 http-404 in apache access log

Recently we saw these HTTP-404 and HTTP-403 errors in Apache Logs:

/oprocmgr-service?cmd=Getprocs HTTP/1.1" 404 222 0 - - [09/Feb/2009:13:54:46 -0500] "GET /dms1/Spy?recurse=all&format=xml&operation=get&value=false&units=true&description=true&name=/&noop=/ HTTP/1.1" 403 218 0 - - [09/Feb/2009:13:54:46 -0500] "GET /dms0/Spy?recurse=all&format=xml&operation=get&value=false&units=true&description=true&name=/&noop=/ HTTP/1.1" 403 218 0

Metalink Note 579106.1 tells us the cause and resolution:


These messages are generated when you use the OEM Grid Control to monitor the HTTP server or other application server components from it .

The reason is the Grid control is not certified to monitor iAS


To implement the solution , please execute the following steps to avoid generation of these messages :

1. Stop the OEM Grid agent.

2. Remove the monitoring for the iAS used by E-Business Suite

3. Bounce Apache server.

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