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Friday, February 20, 2009

Create New Timesheet shows blank screen

Samir mailed today. After enabling Oracle Time and Labor in OAM as a newly licensed product, when they access the responsibility Timesheets > Create New Timesheet, the screen goes blank.

Apache logs looked fine. Finally I did a view source on the page and found this at the end:

top.fInitUnexpectedError("The system profile option setup indicates that your system is not licensed to run Self-Service Time. Please contact your system administrator and verify the profile option settings.")

I spoke to Vivek who suggested that we set these profile options to Yes:

PA: Licensed to use Project Time and Expenses
PA: Licensed to use Self-Service Time

After setting these to Yes, it proceeded ahead and showed a page with this message:

Some of your employee information is missing or invalid. Please notify your system administrator.

This was coming because there is no HR record for SYSADMIN account.

The Create Timesheet functionality works fine from Self Service Time responsibility.

I'll update this post, once I learn more.

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